I am learning

IMG_0522_effectI am learning to live in the present. I am learning walking. The ABC.

I am learning the meaning of a day – of today. I am learning the value of “now” and the endlessness of “what will be”. I am learning to take today, today, and tomorrow, tomorrow. My ankles are just a bit unsure, but all in all I think I am doing fine.

I am learning to start from the other’s half of the playing field. To speak my own language but understand what he is telling me in his own. I am learning to keep from decoding his world through mine. I am learning to relate to the otherness of another person by starting not from myself but from them. To live within my world all the same, without denying myself.

I am learning peacefulness. I am learning the composed joy and the rationality of knowing that there is someone and that he is thinking of me and that this suffices. I am learning what counts. I am learning that what counts is the presence and not the rules of the game.

I am learning to live without limitations. I am learning to have everything that I need. I am learning to live on an ocean of freedom and of possibilities. I am learning not to be in want of anything.

I am learning that if I fail it does not always follow that I was wrong. That all should not be reconsidered each time. I am learning and am priming myself already in case I fail again that I should not disown all these things I have learnt.


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