Hello, here you will find bits of what I write. My first book, Loops and Strings, is available on Amazon, both on paper and as a Kindle – see the link in the blogroll. It’s a novel about a teenage girl in the Romania of the 80s, going through four distinct romantic experiences which she keeps processing, inventing, re-inventing and comparing. Time, one’s own role, scripts, being responsive rather than being proactive, fear of stereotypes and of mediocrity are all concerns that are mixed in her inner life.

I also post fragments of my current writing project, To the Moon and Back, which will be a psychological and social novel about denial, identity, home and exile. Please feel free to leave feedback or contact me, either by using the feedback form below or at the email address sim.petrescu at googlemail.com.


Everything that I write, whether fiction or educational, is published on my WordPress site http://simona-petrescu.name. Follow me there!


One comment

  1. Mihaela Cristali · · Reply

    “Loops and strings” brought back a bit of my teens in such a tender way… That “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” scene is such a perfect image of that times…

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